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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu - Episode 110

Analysis Jan 17, 2017


This is the last episode to conclude the story, and I’m moved by it. The scene with Bittenfeld got splashed by water gave me the last big laugh from the show, but that was rather a comedic relief before what happens next…

Reinhard is an existence that defines what a leader is. It’s someone who’s ready to take responsibility for his action while guiding his subordinate, not ordering them. Moreover, a leader needs to pay attention to his subordinates, listen to them, reconcile with them so that he will be able to understand and make the organization stronger, more united. He doesn’t fear anything, the universe is like a playground to him, which is why doesn’t hesitate to go out and “have fun” with his men. Although his ideals are rather ruthless since it involves bloodshed, it’s the way he acts that make up for that. Preserving honor is a difficult thing to do, but it is because he refuses to back down, to give up, to look down that the men respect him, ready to die for him.

Some want to be like him, some even want to surpass him (Reuenthal). But he doesn’t bother with that, since this man’s ideals also involves “The strong will prevail, the loser will submit”, therefore, if anyone thinks he’s good enough to take on a fight with Reinhard, he’s more than welcome to try. Until the end of his life, he still kept himself true to his nature and passed away humbly just like his nemesis Yang Wenli and his former subordinate Reuenthal. This is also a message from the author it seems, that great men with great ideals and feat don’t always end up the way they want it to be, and most of all you can’t escape fate. Salute

Much as I like Reinhard, my admiration and respect towards Oberstein are even higher that of Reinhard. There are many kinds of heroes, those who stand up and fight for the weak (Yang Wenli, Julian, Kircheis), those who dream big and inspire others (Reinhard, Reuenthal), those who are willing to give their life for the sake of someone else (Lutz, and other admirals who died fighting), but Obersteins is definitely one of his kind in the show: those who are willing to play the bad guy so the other members in an organization can unite and work efficiently. I bet no one else in this show is capable of doing what Oberstein had done in this universe.

Despite all the rumors, all the badmouthing, he doesn’t give 1 F***, he doesn’t waver, he doesn’t give 1 word of justification for what he did, he did all of those “underground” work because he believes that’s the only and best solution to the matter. My jaw was like falling out of my mouth when I saw him get injured so badly. And what he said in his very last moment struck a thunderbolt to me.

If Reinhard defines what a leader is, then Oberstein is another definition for “Sacrifice”, in another form of course. The narrator said that the opinion on Oberstein’s last act was divided into 2 groups: those who believe that Oberstein planned on self-sacrifice and those who believe it was a miscalculation from this genius. I think he did it on purpose since Oberstein once said that:

“Shadow has to accompany the light, if the light dims, don’t the shadow too?”

He died so Reinhard could pass away in relief, naturally, and most of all to preserve his pride and honor, not to be killed by some random thug -_-. In exchange Reinhard never knew what Oberstein had done for him, and may even think that Oberstein didn’t care about Reinhard at his final moment, I wonder which situation is sadder for Reinhard? To not have his vassal by his side in his dying moment, or to know that someone died in agony for his sake.

RIP Oberstein, my 2nd most favorite character in the show. *Salute*

And just as I thought that it was over for real:

Felix, you too?

A very simple line yet easily sums up the entire journey of 110 episodes of this anime.


The cast in general is just superb, they all played their part and had substantial role in this massive series, and everything got wrapped up majestically. Throughout the ride I got to experience various different moods, I laughed, I got mad, I was motivated, I got shivers down my spine when I heard an awesome speech, and I froze when my favorite character fell, but I also feel proud of them. The characters in the show are heroes simply because they inspire me with ideals, with the way they act, with their elegant speech and gesture, some are very simple yet deeply influential. It was one hell of a ride, this anime deserves all of the praise it got.



Chilling out and rolling out.

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