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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu - Episode 70

Analysis Jan 15, 2017


Feel bad for the guy in charge of Iserlohn Fort when the main fleet is out. He was the guy who opposed the idea of “entrapping” Yang and gave a reasonable explanation to stay. Turns out he had to die to take responsibility for his boss -_-.

Some people criticize the show for this battle’s illogical execution. I don’t know which side to take as the show is pretty old, there might have been some hindrance to making things clear for us and it’s up to the viewer to decide “How the detail of the battle happened”.

I don’t have anything to say about the “backup plan” that Yang made in Iserlohn when he left, be prepared for the future is never out of fashion. However, I don’t really like the way they easily hacked and gained control of the Fort. Seriously don’t they know how to maintain their guns or have a system checkup or something, could it be they’re really that lazy or too prideful to prepare for an uprising after the previous conquest of Reinhard?

Regarding the Rosenritter, these bad boys are like top “server” players who packed together for the same course (to rule the “server” of course), and the imperial troopers are like new players who rarely practice in hand-to-hand combat. You can see the difference in power and that affects the troop’s morale greatly.

Despite having a far superior number of troops, Iserlohn is rather huge, they have to distribute a fair number of goons to many locations throughout the fortress, so it’ll take some time for them to gather all of the remaining units to battle Rosenritter, by then the game is over since the Thor Hammer had been fired.

One more thing to bear in mind is that the Imperial side always looks down on their opponent because of their pride, they’re too confident no matter what the situation. In this case, they have both the number and is expecting Yang’s fleet to come, had a plan already so there is no reason for them to be careful. Still the idea of “little beat big” is getting tiresome, I’d love to see something different.


When Yang Wenli abandoned the fortress during the previous battle with Reuenthal (episode 46), he made a backup plan (setting virus or overriding device something), and covered it with another diversional trap (bomb) so the Empire side will focus on looking for the bomb without noticing the real trap. HOWEVER, when I checked again, Reuenthal did notice something was amiss as the bomb trap was too easy for him to realize, he knew Yang is a badass and very tricky tactician, but the man decided to turn a blind eye to it, check the following screenshot I took on episode 46:

So we can see that Reuenthal saw through Yang Wenli plan (more like he had a hunch about it), but he didn’t give a damn about that since it’s not his responsibility for what happened afterward LOL (his job was only to take the Irselohn down, not keeping it safe), and he would gladly take anything that’s offered to him (who doesn’t like free stuff right). Therefore, Irselohn Fortress let their guard down since Reuenthal said it’d safe, hence the downfall in this episode.

But knowing Reuenthal’s hunger for battle nature, I think there’s more meaning behind this, he wanted Yang Wenli’s side to prevail so he can have a reason to fight, hence he let Yang Wenli go easily and ignoring the potential “bug” within the fortress:

After all of these developments in episode 46, I guess we can see who’s to blame for the failure on the Empire side at this episode lol.



Chilling out and rolling out.

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