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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu - Episode 98

Appreciation Jan 17, 2017


LoGH has been a magnificent ride so far and it has yet to show sign of slowing down the momentum. Before going in I had set really high expectation for this anime and usually that could go awfully wrong. However, I’m really glad that, after coming this far, it could still stand firm say “Not this time”.

And this is it, a bitter demise of another great character of the show. The pacing was surely stretched a bit more than usual, which helped the viewers get a grasp of “the longest day” in Reuenthal’s life.

Wolf de Strum is crying

The episode started with Reuenthal entrusting the governing responsibility to someone else capable, which is pure awesome as it adds more layer to his personality. War is one thing, but administration is administration, he must fulfill each role in the fullest way and didn’t neglect either of them.

There were a lot of great lines in this one, I lost count of them and perhaps the most distinct ones are how Reuenthal stated the harsh truth about the “Existence that controls birth” and how he coldly claimed that he was enjoying the process of dying, which really hurts to hear, yet feels extraordinarily strong.

To me, the highlight of this episode is when Reuenthal saw his son for the first and last time. He never wanted one, but one was born to him, and he made the most reasonable decision without delay, depicting the fact that even when near death he’s still capable of being calm and thinking clearly. This awkward reunion probably added more salt to the tragic story of Reuenthal, because, after all, the woman and the child somewhat contributed to his uprising.

The woman who bore his child also got her own development, to me this is the real “tsundere”. On the surface she despites Reuenthal, but deep inside her, she is attracted to him, thus wanting to know more about him, which is why she didn’t leave him after given many opportunities to do so. Seeing Reuenthal slowly dying in agony must have somewhat pained her as well. The scene where she wiped Reuenthals’s sweat with the handkerchief under the setting sun is just oddly breathtaking.

I find it ironic that two of the things Reuenthal hates the most suddenly came by his side at the very last moment of his life. However, it appears that he didn’t feel that way anymore, by saying that he wanted to grant a woman’s wish, and how he thoroughly thought of a way to ensure the healthy life of his son, Reuenthal finally came to a compromise, ridding himself of the past.

Reuenthal’s final words hit me hard. Him calling out the name of the remaining “Fantastic Four” member sent shivers down my spine. He respects every single member of the team, especially Reinhard. He has always followed Reinhard. However, this man’s pride and honor are too complicated, especially when it comes to this era.

On one hand, he dedicated himself to someone he really respects and admires, but on the other, he feels the urge and temptation to surpass that person as well, because after spending a long time together, they know each other well, know what the other want, which explains why narrator said Reinhard’s the one who didn’t realize he wanted the fight.

The fact that he decided to do something against his nature (kill Truniht, an unarmed man) just because he insulted Reinhard proves how deep their bond is.

Reuenthal just simply fulfilled his role, combined with the constantly changing circumstances (the Terraists, Oberstein [50% innocent], Lang, etc.), which made him filled with hesitation and doubts. He knew he would not win, still, he fought, that proves how “rich” his characteristic is, a perfect example of what makes a “hero”.

As death was drawing near, he continued to think of his best friend who had been with him for many years. After all the hardship they went through, he couldn’t make it in time to be by Reuenthal’s side in his last breath, which, as Reuenthal said, tainted his presumptuous nickname “Gale Wolf”. The two glasses of wine is also a unique symbolism between the duo, only they can make such a simple hobby seems so meaningful.

This is just too much of a tragic hero, RIP Reuenthal, my most favorite character of the show.

On a side note, what a powerful bromance moment. Mittermeyer had the potential of becoming something great, I wish he had more complexity like Reuenthal, but well I guess that’s also of the Author’s intention for the story.

Lastly, Oberstein made a remark about Reunthal’s rebellion, which is, in my opinion, the most out of character moment of him. This indicates that Reuenthal’s deed has made a great impact on Oberstein. For someone who thinks he understands how the Imperial admirals behave, and that he can easily calculate and predict their move, this is perhaps his biggest miscalculation, as he never expected Reuenthal to cause such astronomical turbulence over something seemingly trivial.

For the normally calm, cold, and gloomy Oberstein to speak out his opinion on some people who’re mostly not of his concern, could this be a hint of his jealousy or perhaps admiration of the noble friendship between Mittermeyer and Reuenthal? This might also imply that Oberstein is not at all 100% machine, he does care about his surroundings, he does have emotion to express as everyone does, it might just be that he had restrained himself from showing them all the time, only to let it slip out after such an outrageous incident.

Wow, what a sublime episode. Concluding the story of one of the major characters is one thing, but putting all 3 Imperial Fleet Admirals together as well as giving them subtle character development is legit overkill. And to think there’s still 12 episodes left…



Chilling out and rolling out.

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