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Hayasaka Ai Just Can't Stop Being Awesome

Rambling Apr 23, 2020

[SPOILER ALERT] [Yes She is Best Girl]

Note: at the time of this post the Kaguya Love is War series was at chapter 186

There can be no more doubt, the fact that this girl’s awesomeness just kept piling up chapter after chapter is the undeniable proof of her supreme development.

The bond between master and servant has been one of my favorite “spice” in a story. Even though this theme has been used quite a lot in many series, few managed to achieve such equilibrium as the Kaguya manga did, for normally they only focus on the “master” and completely ditch the “servant”, and Akasaka did just the right thing to counter that imbalance.

I know this sounds biased for I’m a really big fan of Ai Hayasaka, but I just couldn’t help cheering for her even though what she has committed is unforgivable in said relationship.

From the outlook it just seems like everything between the two of them is fake, kinda like how Oregairu usually addresses the “genuine” thing, and yeah it’s understandable if you think of it that way.

However, the latest chapter, 186, pretty much cleared all that cliche and I’d argue that even without it, there’s been plenty of hints way back in the earlier chapters to support the idea that Ai Hayasaka never truly treated Kaguya as a mere target for her goal.

Even though her “job” was to spy on Kaguya, she genuinely enjoyed those interactions, everything wasn’t strictly business, simply put she let her sentiment butt in, which is also the origin of her sense of guilt.

It’s pretty terrifying to look at it from a bird-eye view, being forced to do something against her will, and for a pretty fucking long time it slowly eat away her mind and she finally snapped and thus led to the current event.

So yeah even though it’s all pretty obvious in this chapter, I still wanna address this matter a bit more thoroughly because Ai Hayasaka has more depth to her than what many people think.

Her having many faces is a pretty clever way to hide her true self, you can speculate however you want but so long as it’s not revealed, nothing matters can be concluded.

That’s why this chapter is such a bomb, it blew away all doubts and hit right at the feel. Seeing the “master” and “servant” finally drop all the formality to have a proper talk is just something.

And what’s more, is how Ai can be honest to herself and Kaguya got to learn something new. Props to Kaguya for bringing Ai out of her shell and now they can finally be “real friends” I guess? Lol

Overall, Ai Hayasaka has been constantly transforming into various different phases during the last few chapters. From a humble servant to a guilty criminal to a hopeless girl, to a major badass spygirl, and eventually the real, emotional, and caring “friend”.

I’ve always enjoyed her moments in the manga, even though on the surface they were all an act, this chapter pretty much clears that up, and wow, that page where she cut her hair without hesitation to gain an opening is based af and pure gasm.



Chilling out and rolling out.

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