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Kingdom - Ousen's Center Army Speculation

Analysis Feb 17, 2019


Gotta get straight to the point. I’d say his commanders in the center are more likely a discount version of MaKou and AKou, in this case, judging from their design and portrayal so far, Denrimi is leaning towards the “brain” type like MaKou while Sou’ou is a fighter like AKou.

At the very least, according to MaKou’s officer's testaments on the night of the first day, these guys are fully capable of taking command of an entire wing, and they were all ready to be under either Sou’ou or Denrimi’s command after the loss of their master, so that should give some hype to them IMO.

Apart from that, while the commanders at the center might be a bit below MaKou and AKou, its soldiers might not be the case. Since it’s the Ousen’s core army, and we all know Ousen values his life more than anything else given his portrayal, so it would be a stretch to say the center is a gathering of crack troops that are worthy to be even opponent to the Raiun of Gyou’un, not better (since the narrator already stated the Raiun is top of Shukai), but they can still be a challenge. Plus, they already got mad feats at Sanyou and Coalition:

Super Reaction Speed

  • This was a surprise attack while Ousen was talking:
  • These guys were standing behind Ousen before that:
  • Kyouen’s bowmanship is monstrous (insanely fast as well) since it’s able to pierce top tier quality shield:
  • Yet these Ousen’s elite guard are not falling behind with their superb reaction speed:

Absolute Mobility

Ousen’s core army has cavalry capable of traversing cliffs as shown in Coalition when he was saving Kankoku Pass. This is no trivial feat because so far only a few top-tier armies possess that skill like Riboku with his Ganmon cavalry, Kisui, and the Rigan bois, Karin, and her elite which is a contender for top 1-2 in Chu, Ouki’s elite.

Bottom Line

So to sum up the Ousen army at the center might not have commanders on the same calibre with AKou nor MaKou but that will be make up by Ousen himself plus very capable elite troops that is also versatile at all sort of combat style.



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