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Kingdom - Regarding Kanmei Defeating Oukotsu

Analysis Nov 25, 2018


I don’t really think Kanmei told the whole story of that war with between Chu and Oukotsu. I mean, yes, the fact that they dueled is most likely not a lie, he managed to defeat Oukotsu, but was it really just that?

His claim made Oukotsu looks like a real joke for someone who was among the rank of 6GG that all other states had to tremble in fear when seeing them.

Unknown Factor

However, I personally think there was more to this than meets the eye. Remember that at that time, Kanmei was only a deputy to someone.

This “someone”, or Kouen, had been hinted to be some sort of beast as well. Given how Karin treated Kanmei like trash but showed some sort of respect for him, plus the really hype title he got, I think he should be a formidable foe for Qin in some future conquest, just like how some figures at Zhao like SBS only got teaser this arc.

Anyway, back to the point. I think Kouen was actually the main cause for Oukotsu’s defeat. Think about it, according to Kanmei, it was a war between 2 states, with lots of soldiers, and it went like: 2 guys charged in and fight then it’s over. Lol, this sounds too fishy, ’cause no matter how you look at it, Oukotsu is still a 6 GG, he should have some advisors or strategists by his side like Kanki/Ouki/Ousen to back him up.

The war on a GG scale aint just as simple as sending 2 commanders to fight, before that happened, a lots of detail must have been left out since Kanmei isn’t struck as a strategist or smart to me. Moreover, he probably didn’t think there was any need to spill the full story ’cause he was in a duel with Moubu, one that was going to decide the strongest among all of China. Therefore, rambling talk of the past was not an option, for not only did it not fit his character, there was also not the time for that. So, what can be concluded here?

The Grand Scheme of Things

Before Oukotsu fought Kanmei, something happened, like a huge scale strategy play between himself and Kouen, but Kouen got the upperhand and caught Oukotsu’s off-guard, which either lured or forced him into a duel with Kanmei then you got the result. For better visualization, you can treat it as something happened in the Coaltion war itself, when Moubu had to rely on Shouheikun to come up with a plan to draw Kanmei out.

So yeah all of this is purely my speculation but I also think this should justify Oukotsu who was one of Qin 6GGs as well as giving us some more hype for Kouen who will most likely be a real pain in the ass for the bois in the path of unification to come.



Chilling out and rolling out.

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