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Never Look Back

Rambling Nov 5, 2020

[There will be spoilers so best avoid this post unless you have already finished Umineko]

Ushiromiya Ange is a hidden protagonist from the Umineko franchise, and she plays quite a pivotal role in the story.

Naturally, as someone who has a considerable amount of screentime, there ought to be hit-or-miss moments that either win her the audience’s affection or incite their hate.

According to some people, Ange can be rather ignorant, stubborn, and idiotic during the story.

Despite my strong feelings toward Ange, I cannot deny the times when she got on my nerves, albeit not as much as an issue compared to some maddened readers.

On top of that, given Ange’s self-centered personality and slightly rude manner, I don’t blame people for being annoyed by her.

However, that is just taking the context for granted here.

I mean, Ange underwent one of, if not, the most extreme upbringing of all the cast in Umineko. Yes, Yasu’s circumstance was no better, but to be fair, there was still Kinzo to play the favoritism card. Meanwhile, Ange was totally on her own for almost 12 years, physical abuse, mental breakdown, you name it.

They often say people’s personalities are influenced by the environment surrounding them, which cannot be more factual in this scenario.

That is not to say this makes a fair excuse for Ange to misbehave herself in front of many people. I’m just saying that sometimes you gotta look at things from many perspectives to understand why things turned out that way, oops, a shameless Umineko reference.

In all honesty, there is hardly anything wrong with a poorly brought-up individual having bad attitudes most of the time. Though Ange might have been sent to a prestigious institution, context matters.

Eva made sure that she was completely isolated from any contact, thus resulting in an absolute “cage” to restrain any healthy development for Ange’s growth.

On a different note, her insistence on reaching the “truth” is perfectly normal to me. I don’t understand why some people really felt the need to shut her down completely from getting the one thing that she desired the most in her entire life.

Yes, the “truth” is terrible, disgusting even, but that is coming from us WHO HAVE ALREADY KNOWN the full picture, whereas Ange was still in the dark about it. For one thing, what matters is whether Ange learned anything from her “rollercoaster” ride to the Golden Land.

If anything, it was all worthwhile the effort and setback that had arisen. For someone who had virtually lost everything in her life, giving up herself to learn the truth was most definitely the only way to give her life a purpose.

Living is not the same as being kept alive.

During the 12 harsh years under Eva’s guardianship, Ange was isolated, completely stripped from any human rights that she deserved. Therefore, Ange’s adventure to the Golden Land was truly a time that she was most alive, living to her fullest.

Furthermore, it was such a spectacular sight to see Ange reaching her own answer, accepting it, and embracing it. It would not be a stretch to say that was the crystallization of all of Umineko’s essence.

Something sad yet powerful sparked off from this picture...

The bottom line is, I understand why people perceive Ange as nothing more than an annoying existence.

In the end, it all boils down to “without love, it cannot be seen”. I admit that my bias for Ange is substantial, but I digress.

In my opinion, her character adds more depth to the already-intricate world of Umineko where the truth and magic are crucial elements of the story.

Henceforth, having someone being absolutely torn between them is a refreshing addition to this universe.

With all that being said, it still hurts like hell whenever I think about Ange. I mean, we have a girl who literally went through hell, only to be rewarded with a “Hey there guess what, we all dead, how about joining us too?” ending…

Even though Ange is no longer my no.1 female character, she still holds a special place in my heart, not just because of the tragedy befalling upon her, but more so about who she is, a member of the Ushiromiya family, never look back, never regret.

Rest well, my Witch of Resurrection.

Just what lies behind that smile...



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