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One Mixed Bag Of Feelings For Blassreiter

Rambling Nov 23, 2019


As I finished Blassreiter, there were quite some uneasiness that lingered and made me feel like rambling a lot . First thing I did was heading over the discussion forum, and wow tons of funny comments popped up and I couldn’t help but doing something about it. Even though it’d make me sound like an ass but it’s better than to left mistakes uncorrected.

Amanda X Malek ship

What am I reading? Have you guys even seriously been watching the anime properly? This is nothing more than a creepy fantasizing of an “incestuous” relationship that should not be even mentioned, let alone exist in such an anime that doesn’t give 2 FUCK about romance and the likes.

After how they trashed Grad, how they trashed Snow, how they trashed Herman, not even letting them a chance of telling their feelings to their love interest, and how Beatrice let Wolf bang her out of manipulating scheme, you should not expect any sort of possible intimate relationship to ever get their chance in Blassreiter, let alone this WiNcEsT abomination shit.

PrEtTy MuCh ThE oNlY gOoD tHiNg AbOuT tHiS sHoW: eLeA

I had to take off my glasses and cleaned it to see if I got any of that wrong, but nope, some people actually said that. A boring, fanservice in the form of loli hologram A.I shit should not even be worth mentioning among the key elements of this anime tbh.

The minister Victor cloned his own daughter for some creepy motive

There’s nothing wrong with how an old geezer just wants to see his loved one back. This theme had been exploited by many well known shows before like NGE (Gendou and Rei) and Card Captor Sakura (Tomoyo’s granpa and Sakura). It basically adds more depth to Victor, lame or not is debatable, but at the very least it denies the outcome of making Victor another generic mastermind with a shallow purpose that is typically shown in many anime.

Dead people all “came back” so yay it nullifies all their dramatic moments

SMH, people just seem to take everything at face value without even taking a few seconds considering the context behind it. Yes, they somewhat “came back”, but that’s just hologram/A.I shit, you cannot treat that as a living thing. It’s more of a consolation reward for what Amanda had to go through the entire show, but again, the reality is that THEY ARE ALL DEAD. Amanda deserves to be in a bit of fantasy with that AI shit but it can never replace the people who had already gone. That scene basically serves as a quick recap of major players in this anime, nothing more nothing less.

Xargin and Beatrice or basically the “bad guys” shouldn’t be at the ending

H A H A H A. After going through 24 episodes of building up such a big cast with many motives, if you guys still think this is another generic “bad vs good” show then aye it’s understandable that you have such shallow thought about the epilogue. Throughout the course of the anime, Amanda is more of an observer (main reason why they didn’t kill her off), she had many opportunities to witness many contradictory acts between the many opposing factions, and thus being able to analyze the situation and came up with a much more objective verdict of the scenario.

She definitely felt anger about Wolf for backstabbing XAT. She definitely didn’t agree with Xargin’s goal. But she also definitely understood why things had to go that way, and therefore, she learned to forgive, so yeah though the epilogue sure gives off a bit of a corny atmosphere, I didn’t find it that much of a bother if I look at the anime as a whole picture.

Wolf shouldn’t be forgiven

This one is just a minor one but figured I should add something anyway. Wolf is just a victim of the grand scheme of all things. Yeah, he sure gave in to the power but that was still mostly thanks to Beatrice being so good of a trickster. Let’s not forget that Fred and Malek all fell for her “take the pill” shit. Not saying that Wolf is a good guy overall, but that’s just how life works in general. If things gone wrong even the noblest guy on Earth can turn into utter trash within seconds.

Alright, it might appear like I’ve been defending the show so much but that’s not really the case, I simply made some correction to some of the wrong takes by fellow watchers. The truth is, I’m really, really pissed at this anime for fucking ruined shit tons of potential to become something. Before I really go into the thought of the anime, I’d like to release some seemingly unsightly frustration first, you can skip the rant if you don’t feel like reading pointless stuff, I just simply wanna dump this somewhere.

W H A T   T H E   F U C K   I S   T H E   D E A L   W I T H   S N O W ?

BOY, I AM MAD IRRITATED at the fact that they literally FUCKING TRASHED HER in the worst manner possible. FUCK THIS SHIT, she got the worst treatment of all the prominent cast in this anime. At least Lene (the girl died alongside Brad) got her flashback done right. But for Snow? WHAT THE FUCK? Just introduced her for barely 2 episodes then tossed her away like a piece of trash like that, boi they even did that off-screen L M A O, the creator sure got a bad sense of humor.

Like C’mon, they spent a fuck ton of moments on trash like Jill and her “real” boyfriend and couldn’t spare just one clean episode for Snow? Damn, I know this is probably the most pointless rant, but I just like Snow so much at the very first frame of her appearance, hoping that she could become some major player of the anime and then BAMMMM…

I guess it’s just as someone pointed that the creator had more plans for the cast but for some reason failed to execute them all in a proper manner, hence they had to “compress” all of that into one big mess, which is really a damn shame. Snow isn’t the only victim but since she is a prime example and most horribly treated so I had to go an extra length in venturing my anger.

Welp, guess that’s about it, just another section of me wasting time on trivial matters lmao.



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