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Revisiting Code Geass - SS1 Episode 21

Analysis May 20, 2018

The scene with C.C looking at the big pizza was priceless. C.C and pizza, a better love story than Twightlight.

And lol look at how carefree she and Lelouch were at this almost-busted moment, nothing can top this duo at all!

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Also find the conversation between Euphie and Nunnally to be both hilarious and well quite dramatic at the same time. It appears that Euphie and LL had quite a past when the Empire wasn’t this fucked up. My guess is that LL once treated Euphie as something more than just a sister, hence he didn’t have a to raise his guard on her in the Island episode. The same went for Euphie but she found a new love interest now, so a no-go then, phew, almost stepped on a danger zone eh LL and Euphie.

Anyway, the school fest was fun, but Euphi’s proposal sure is the highlight of this episode. Yeah, she’s naive, narrow-minded but her intention is completely out of malice or any ulterior motive behind it.. Therefore, people should think twice before saying things like she’s dumb or annoying or a nuisance to Zero’s plan just because their beloved LL is put in a disadvantage.

At this point of the anime, I find Schnizel to be quite deplorable, it was hinted in his introduction that he doesn’t bother to give 2 shit about anyone around him, he just put on a facade to win people’s affection and in turn, exploit them till there’s nothing left valuable. Euphie is facing the same predicament, we all know that there ain’t no way Schnizel would approve of the Eleven due to the royal blood thingy, but the fact that he concurred with Euphie’s plan that super fast must give hints of something very bad is going to happen in the next few episodes. Just as how LL realized how Euphie’ plan fucked him up, Schnizel should also share a similar viewpoint, hence his approval of Euphie’s proposal, but sadly, the mind of a naive and innocent princess can never allow her to have even 1 tiny doubt about her brother, well-played writer.

On a side note, I don’t really hate any character in this anime, quite in fact, I’ve found the cast to be well-invested to a degree, there sure are lots of flaws but I’d dare say the producers did their best to cater the fan in many ways, not just for money. I’m quite disappointed at the fanbase of this anime who only care about how great LL is without considering how the supporting casts are struggling to be something else.

TLDR: don’t just keep your eyes on LL, give other characters a chance as well.



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