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Revisiting Code Geass - SS1 Episode 22

Analysis May 20, 2018

Should have stopped right here:

Gosh how savage the writer can be..

Man I’m totally speechless by now, the final shot really nailed it with LL’s tear:

Talk about karma, shit, Sunrise sure loves bringing things from the past under the disguise as debt collector (like what they did to Cowboy Bebop), brilliant. Although I must admit the fact that LL let his mouth got the best of him is like the biggest plot convenience ever, given the context that Geass has been building up over more than half of this season, it cannot be considered as an asspull. C.C warned him many times before, he is aware of it, but sometimes in life even when you’re prepared to the teeth shit can still happen at the most critical situation, LL just simply experienced the worst kind of it.

Euphie is just another collateral damage in the path of LL, he must accept it, but I think the cost is too huge so it shouldn’t be easy for him to get over it. It’s quite ironic that up until this point, all those LL deliberately used the Geass on to force them doing something they didn’t want actually had their honor salvaged while Euphie, whom LL accidentally triggered the power, got her reputation stained as dark and deep as mud. Take a look at the incompetent Japanese Liberation generals back in the earlier episodes, they only thought about running or using underhanded tactics, but LL came and forced them to commit suicide, tadaaa, the Jap loves it because it follows the Samurai’s tradition. However, Euphie here who has a genuine intention of making Brit and Eleven a better place and was only rewarded with only contempt and hatred.

Other than that dramatic outcome of this episode, I enjoyed the political affairs in this one, looks like Schnizel doesn’t appear to have any malicious intention (given his genuine reaction) behind Euphie’s plan like I stated in the previous episode, but well he’s still using her so he can get back to his job so it’s not like he didn’t exploit any bit of her XD.

Looks like things will get really ugly from now, Geass might have had quite some bumps over past 21 episodes but 22 is probably the best viewing experience for this anime to me.



Chilling out and rolling out.

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